Unofficial Jamaican Curry Chicken step by step for Sandy

Here is my recipe for unofficial Jamaican Curry Chicken step by step:


A large covered skillet

First get a large covered skillet, preferably non-stick.


Boneless skinless chicken thigh fillets

Get boneless skinless chicken thigh fillets. Defrost if needed. I've got about 2.5# here.


Oil, Walkerswood Jamaican Curry, chicken stock, large bowl

Olive oil, Walkerswood Jamaican Curry Powder, Chicken stock, large mixing bowl.


Cutting board, onions

Cutting board and onions. I'm using about 1.5 large onions.



Celery, most of a bunch with the leaves and base trimmed.


Chop the onion and celery fairly coarsly and place in small bowl

Chop the onions and celery in a fairly coarse dice and place in a small bowl.


Rinse the chicken, pat dry, place in large bowl and cover with curry powder

Rinse the chicken in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Put the chicken in the large bowl and add olive oil and curry powder. About cup of olive oil and about 4-6 tablespoons of curry powder to start.


Mix to coat evenly

Mix well to coat the chicken with the curry. Add more curry powder if needed.


Put about 1/3 stick of butter in the pan and heat

Put about 1/3 stick of butter in the skillet and heat at medium-high.


Open chicken stock, make mix of 2tbs cornstarch and cold water

Open the stock. Prepare a mix of 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1/4 cup of cold water.


Butter heating

When the butter is melted add the onions and celery.


Add onions and celery

Spread onions and celery out evenly.


Cover until onions and celery start to soften

Cover skillet until onions and celery begin to soften.


Saute uncovered until onions start to brown

Uncover and continue to saute until onions start to brown.


Put onions and celery back in small bowl

Transfer onions and celery back to the small bowl.


Place chicken in pan to brown on both sides, don't overfill

Place about of the chicken in the skillet and brown. Do not overcrowd the pan.



Turn and brown on the other side.


Put back in large bowl

Transfer the browned chicken back to the big bowl. What's that? You're not supposed to put cooked food back in a bowl that held raw food? Bah! Two things wrong with that idea: 1. The chicken is not cooked, it is only browned, and 2. It's going to simmer for an hour after this anyway, not an issue.


Brown remainder

Brown the rest of the chicken.


Add rest of chicken from large bowl

Add the rest of the chicken back to the skillet and arrange in a single layer.


Pour stock in large bowl and stir to get all curry residue

Add the stock to the big bowl and stir to pickup any remaining curry (can't waste any, it's too good).


Add onions and celery back to pan

Add the onion and celery back to the skillet.


Add stock to pan from large bowl

Add the stock from the large bowl to the skillet.


Cover and reduce heat

Cover, reduce the heat and simmer for one hour until done. After 30 min add the cornstarch mixture and stir it in.


Simmer one hour until done

The chicken will be so tender you can barely pick it up out of the pan.